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About Me

They say "You do not find Reiki, Reiki finds you!". It is certainly true for me. Many years ago, I came across a highly advanced Reiki master, while I was recuperating from an accident. This was in Crimea, a region of the Ukraine. I had been looking for a new therapist and was offered those new style of sessions instead.  I was stunned how much more effective the Reiki was for my recovery, how it healed from inside out and how gentle it was, compared to everything else I had tried before. Following my own recovery, I started to study Reiki intensely and became a Reiki master in 2006. My teacher is a great Master Reiki healer with 40 years of experience. He is in the direct traditional line of the Reiki founder Mikao Usui. After many years of constant practice on myself and teaching, I started to offer healing sessions in 2017.


Reiki is a whole system that is aimed at the natural healing of the machine and the causes of the disease. The words from Japanese are translated as "universal vital energy"
After the Reiki sessions , you can be able:
1) To increase the level of vital energy, which will help to improve the overall condition;
2) To help heal both mental and physical illnesses;
3) To find a general balance, calmness and confidence;
4) Help resolve internal conflicts and relieve stress;
5) Get initiation and a practical course on the 1,2,3 steps of Reiki and start practicing with yourself, your loved ones and friends.

Reiki sessions aim to stimulate the body's natural abilities to restore and eliminate energy blocks that destroy the energy balance
and affect the state of health.

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"The highest good is achieved on the basis of complete physical and mental health"


My Treatments


Reiki sessions

Currently, I offer individual Reiki sessions, in person. For those new to Reiki, this is a method based on energy healing, that was started by a Japanese monk. It is practiced fully clothed, sitting or laying down, and it implies a very touch or sometimes no touch.

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Long Distance Reiki Session

 I offer individual Reiki sessions via zoom, It is extremely beneficial for recovery from any injuries or surgeries, where classical massage is not possible, just as much as for multiple other energy rebalances, relaxing and health prevention and healing on all levels.

Reiki classes and initiations for  the 1st,2nd, 3d master grade

Initiation in the Reiki system is like a three-step process. The first stage is of a fundamental nature, introducing into this system and developing methods
of energy transfer.

The second stage should take place in a few months, not earlier. At this stage, symbols that direct energy are transmitted, and
the ability to influence a person's mental state with energy is acquired.

Having passed the third, masterly initiation of reiki, a person himself can impart knowledge to the following adepts of this art.

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Yuliia Sliepchenko has been a phenomenal healer for me. With her special and kind way of Reiki she has calmed down my inflammation, restored my rest, my inner peace and my feeling of balance. Every time i had a session I felt better in every way. I know now how to better take care of myself and to get in touch with my inner healing resources. I am truly grateful for having such a patient, kind and tolerant healer.

Ingrid Claes

The best Reiki Master ever, with 17 years of experience! Yuliia significantly reduced pain in my neck after a failed spinal fusion surgery. Highly recommend.

Anjela Kasper-Nova

Always beautiful to make new friends. This wonderful mom, Yuliia is new to our area and is an experienced Reiki Master offering her services in our community as well as online.

Katja Kreher

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